Breed Gambling Addiction to Make a Lot of Money

How can you Breed Gambling Addiction to Make a Lot of Money? Firstly, let’s start by discussing why gambling addiction is a problem. Statistics show that five percent of adult population exhibit pathological or problem gambling. Furthermore, the number of problem gamblers is two times higher in the area around a casino. These statistics indicate that the casinos disproportionately depend on the problem gamblers’ income to continue operations.

It was in Kenya that sports betting became a major industry, and a 2020 study showed that seven out of ten of the students who bet on sporting events were suffering from some sort of gambling disorder. In Kenya, Nelson Bwire, an undergraduate, led the poll at Kenyatta University to determine whether students had tried betting. He founded the Gaming Awareness Society of Kenya to educate people about the dangers of gambling and help them stay away from the business. He counselled students forced to leave school because they gambled away their tuition, as well as workers incarcerated for squandering their employers’ money.

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