Spotting Casino Scams – How to Avoid Fraudulent Gambling Sites

Spotting casino scams may be difficult, but it is vitally important that they be reported. By reporting casinos online you can help other players from falling for these fraudulent websites and save themselves the hassle.

Casino scams often take the form of false shuffles in games like baccarat. Here, crooked dealers work with players to record card orders before handing out new ones and manipulate the game in their favor.

Payout percentages

There are various methods available to you when it comes to identifying fraudulent casino sites, one being to compare payout percentages between games and avoid those which fall below 80%. Also check whether a casino holds an operating licence to operate, particularly within the UK market, while an immediate red flag would be any lack of contact details or live chat feature on its site.

If you suspect an online gambling site of being fraudulent, report it immediately to online casino inspectors or your country’s gambling regulator. While you might not get your money back this way, doing so will protect other players and help to ensure a fairer playing experience overall.

Carding refers to the fraudulent use of stolen credit card details to make unauthorized deposits and withdrawals, usually at online casinos and sports betting websites. Credential stuffing enables hackers to purchase lists of usernames and passwords from gambling websites in order to commit this type of fraud.

Games offered

Fraudulent casino sites use various strategies to dupe players, from rigging games and stealing personal data to altering game results and falsifying records. There are ways you can protect yourself against these scams: the most reliable method is checking licenses and regulations before signing any contract – those lacking these could well be scams.

Another telltale sign that something may be amiss is when a casino takes too long to pay out winnings – this may indicate they’re trying to hide your funds or that their software may be compromised, in which case it should be reported immediately to authorities.

Another common scam occurs when casinos alter their terms and conditions without notifying customers in advance. Although this practice may be permitted in some instances, legitimate operators must communicate any changes transparently and in a timely fashion with customers. If a casino fails to do this, this should be reported immediately – enough complaints may cause it to be blacklisted.

Security measures

A group of fraudsters recently duped casinos out of $7 million using sophisticated technology to manipulate the odds in their favour. Members of this gang bribed dealers and supervisors at casinos to perform fake shuffles in which certain cards would remain together, which allowed them to recognize sequences and predict upcoming cards; then used this information to place bets accordingly. They even managed to manipulate roulette wheels so the ball landed where desired!

Casino scams that involve the theft of personal data often take the form of identity compromise using malware to access sensitive financial data from players, creating a serious security risk for online casinos.

One way to safeguard against online casino scams is not providing your private details voluntarily, nor replying to text messages asking for passwords or account numbers. Legitimate casinos use encrypted technology on their websites in order to safeguard your information and protect you.


Although most online casinos are legitimate, scammers still find ways to exploit unsuspecting players and steal their money through phishing attacks on bank card details stolen by fraudsters and fund their gaming account with illegal funds obtained illegally.

Another popular casino scam involves manipulating games to increase the house edge more than it should be – something done by unscrupulous casinos seeking to maximize their profits. Therefore, it’s crucial that before entering any casino game it be checked for potential rigged games and avoided.

One of the biggest casino scams involves stealing personal information from customers. This form of online casino fraud is particularly dangerous and destructive as it could lead to identity theft and other crimes. If you suspect any casino is taking this route with your information, it’s imperative that you report it immediately to authorities.

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