Card Matching in Rummy

Rummy is one of those games that is often overlooked but can really pay off when mastered. Rummy is actually a collection of five different matching-card games most noted for the same basic gameplay and similar matching cards of a similar rank or order. The goal in any type of rummy is to construct runs or alliances that will ultimately earn you the most points. You accomplish this by being the first player to construct a string of cards that pass each other without hitting your opponent. The game is usually won by the player who has constructed the most number of “runs” or cards ahead of their opponents.

Unlike the majority of games of card game where you are generally looking to hit your opponent with the highest ranking card or cards first, in rummy you must first attempt to build up your hand, which will be dependent upon what suits you possess. Placing high in the order of the cards helps immensely for getting additional cards. It is also important to note that by using the proper rummy strategy, it is possible to build up a perfectly even spread of high cards all the way to the middle. If you are able to do this, you are considered to have passed the card or cards you were holding. Building up enough of a winning sequence or melding is the key to success.

To go a step further, in rummy you are allowed to use the joker card as well. This means that if you hold a total of thirteen cards and you use the joker card to either remove a card from your opponent’s set or draw a new card from your own set, you are allowed to remove a card from your opponent’s set and add it to your own set. This is commonly known as the double joker. By using this strategy you can easily win most games of rummy.

Another neat trick that can be used in rummy, when playing with multiple decks is called melding. With the right deck of rummy you can create a massive melding which will net you an extra card or cards. How does this work? If you are dealing with a total of thirteen cards, namely the ace, king, queen, king, ace, queen, joker, scorer and knight, you are allowed to meld with the joker and scorer. You will need to be using different cards for each of these, namely the King and joker.

A basic rummy strategy is the “card matching” method. What is this method? Basically you need to be using the same type of cards for each card that you are removing from your opponent’s deck. Now if you are using your own deck and want to remove certain cards from your opponent’s hand then you can do this as well. However, what you want to be careful of, is using the exact same cards for your own card matching strategy and if possible to use different cards in your own way.

When I was learning how to play the game of rummy I decided to try and develop my own strategy by using jokers, and I must say I have had some success. Basically this is where you take one of your opponent’s jokers, usually from their hand, and then you put it into your own joker deck. Now when you are dealing your piles of cards to the table for elimination you can use your melding piles as well. This can come in handy as you can use your melding jokers against other players who may be using their own jokers against you. By learning these basic strategies and secrets of joker matching, I have become a much better player now and am always looking out for tips and tricks to improve my game

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